Thunderbird Cartridge Company, Inc.
P.O. Box 302
Phoenix, AZ 85001
Phone: (602)237-3823
Toll Free: (800)535-AMMO Fax: (602)237-3858

TCCI Original Solid ™

  • We sell bullets, brass, primers, and powder for most pistol and rifle calibers.
  • We manufacture our own patented big game bullets, which we market under the name "Original Solid™", and which are used in African dangerous game hunting.
  • We specialize in .50 Cal BMG, manufacturing our own patented solid-alloy 750gr BT bullet, and loading match grade target ammunition.
  • In addition to selling the above .50 Cal bullet as a component, we also offer .50 Cal USGI fired brass in three different grades: 'Cleaned', which has been washed and polished, 'Ready to Load', which has been full-length sized on arsenal machinery, trimmed, and chamfered -- ready to prime, and 'Primed', which is ready to powder and seat.

    Thunderbird Cartridge Company, Inc.

    Satisfaction guaranteed
    since 1962.

    Call for free loading data. Business hours are 9:00 to 5:00, Monday thru Friday, Mountain Standard Time.

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